The Edgehaven story

Edgehaven is a privately-owned consultancy established by Bev Durston, one of Australia’s leading experts in alternatives investing. Her niche is servicing long-term investors including pension and superannuation schemes, foundations, family offices and sovereign wealth funds. Delivering independent and personalised advice for the best fit with your existing portfolio, Bev and her team are experts in:


Researching, appointing
and monitoring of
alternate asset managers


Designing, building,
implementing and monitoring
investment programs


Delivering judgement
across investment cycles
with a track record of
excellent risk-adjusted returns


Providing extensive
international experience
and solid expertise in
governance oversight


Sharing valued insights from numerous trustee and investment committee memberships across a diverse range of organisations


Providing knowledge and expertise on a diverse range of new investment strategies and smaller asset classes


Open architecture framework permits use of a range of databases, access to research on managers and funds from a variety of industry sources


Implementing portfolio re-structures and effective fund terminations where necessary from legacy funds

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