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As an advisory business for investment clients, we provide alternative assets advice for asset class strategy, sourcing managers and funds, portfolio construction and risk management. In implementing solutions, we use creative manager selection and robust management to produce prudent, risk-adjusted returns with a bias towards capital preservation.

Our Awards

EdgehavenBest Global Consultant - The Knowledge Brokers All Stars 2020

Chief Investment Officer (August 2020) - Read Award Article

EdgehavenWinner - Hedge Fund Best Use of Hedge Funds

AI Hedge Fund Awards (Feb 2018)

EdgehavenBest Institutional Adviser - Australia

Investor Review’s Institutional Investor Awards (2016)

ClientWinner - Hedge Fund Best Private Sector Pension Fund

AI Hedge Fund Awards (Nov 2016)

ClientWinner - Best Use of Private Equity

Investor Institute (July 2015)

EdgehavenTop 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds

The Hedge Fund Journal (June 2015)

Knowledge Brokers All Star 2020 award

best use of hedge fund award

investor review 2016 award

Edgehaven Feedback

Edgehaven are a premium outsourced alternatives solution providing a broad spectrum of advisory and portfolio services. With attractive hand-picked fund selections,they have contributed very positively to our governance framework

Joanna Matthews, Trustee, Chair Royal Mail Pension Plan

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